Blog: Let Me Eat Toast!

IMG_4371Only a few weeks in Belgium and I’m already riding on the back of scooters with oversized baguettes. Man, embracing the French lifestyle is so easy… even though I’m not really able or confident enough to speak French.  But at some point I feel that carrying giant bread on a two-wheeled death trap is all I need to be ‘in’.

And that very large baguette was amazingly delicious. As of right now, I basically have a strictly pâté, cheese, and bread diet. I honestly don’t know how the French are so skinny. And the croissants! Oh the croissants! It doesn’t matter if they’re from the bakery or a gas station, they’re all so delectable! Mmm the soft butter soaked insides and honey drizzled outsides. I can’t get enough! *takes moment to wipe drool off of keyboard*

Other than constantly stuffing my face, I’ve been exploring the beautiful cities of Belgium. The first being Brussels and it was love at first sight.  It is a wonderful and remarkable place. Wonderful and remarkable, and I can easily find an English speaker unlike in the city where I am currently living, Liège.

Brussels isn’t really the place to be if I want to practice my french, but at least I don’t have the constant fear that a stranger will try talking to me and I’ll just start laughing to make it less obvious that I can’t actually understand french, which in turn makes it more obvious that I can’t understand french.

Although Brussels is a nice relief from the french-only pressure of Liège, it’s more like my side piece. Sure, in Brussels I get to have amazing adventures and meet people from all over the world, but in Liège I can breath fresh air. There, I have my little tiny apartment that sits on top of a mountain and is just minutes away from stunning views of the entire city. That is what I want to wake up to in the morning.


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