Let me eat toast!


weeks in Belgium and I’m already riding on the back of scooters with oversized baguettes. I feel like I just got my first badge as a Girl Scout, but whatever the French version of that is. Although I’m not really able or confident enough to speak French to pretty much anyone, at least I have the learned skill of scooter riding while holding giant bread under my belt. I feel like at some point that’s all I needed to do to be ‘in’.

And that very large baguette was amazingly delicious. As of right now I basically also have a strictly pâté, cheese, and bread diet. I honestly don’t know how the French are so skinny. And the croissants! Oh the croissants! It doesn’t matter if they were made in the bakery or at the gas station they’re all so delectable, with soft butter soaked insides and a light honey drizzle on the outsides. I can’t get enough! I’m pretty much drooling just writing this.

Other than constantly stuffing my face I’ve also been wandering to other cities, including Brussels, which I visited for the first time. Just after the first day walking through the European capital, it was love. It is wonderful and remarkable. Wonderful and remarkable, and I can easily find an English speaker unlike in the city where I am currently living in Liege.

It’s not really good for my French to have a crutch so easily accessible, but it’s nice not having the constant anxiety that a stranger will try talking to me and I will panic, not knowing what to do other than to play possum. And I think I’m a little too old for that. Although Brussels is a nice relief, it’s more like my side piece. I get to spend the days there, where I get to have all kinds of escapades, but in Liege I have my little tiny apartment that I adore. It sits on top of a mountain and is just minutes away from stunning views of the entire city. That is what I want to wake up to in the morning.

I love the little thing, but it’s taking some work to get rid of the old and bring in the new. The previous tenant left a couple of golden nuggets behind, especially one shocking landscape screwed into the bedroom wall. Maybe he thought he was leaving a gift, but I took it and a burning bag of poop… one I can’t get rid of. Below is a link to the ad I created for it. I’m trying to sell it on a second-hand site, but oddly enough I haven’t gotten any interest.


But hopefully by the next time I post someone will have taken the horror off my hands.


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