Poem/Backwards Alphabet: Goa


Zipping through choppy paths,

yodeling and howling into heavy air. We felt the world in reverse.

X-i-s legs floating over the ground as two

wheels spit dirt behind us and we hung tight like

velcro to each others’ bodies

unconcerned about

thin layers of dust waiting to steal our steady and

snakes unraveling their twisted bodies onto the path with heads

round and nearly crushed by us, and we too

quickly could have been crumpled by the laws of gravity.

Painted landscapes invited us to enter and

our only option was to go.

Nearly all luminescence was left behind and

monkeys swung above our heads. We were

lost in the image of them and we were lost

and disturbed by the tall grass whispering like

kazoos. We shook off the feelings and

just let the ocean air salt and chap our lips,

ignoring the stickiness of our skin, as if we bathed in

honey. It never felt so sweet to touch and right then we had

gotten our fill for the night.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed and sick because

everything was spinning. We were

drunken by the syrupy smells and tastes of where we were like

cookies crumbled into powder and we inhaled it deeply.

Breathing became difficult, but it didn’t matter

as we howled into the heavy air anyway.


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